The Tryangle Labs Team

Here at the Lab

Here at Tryangle Labs we love education, innovation, design, technology, and of course—children! Our goal is to produce apps that not only entertain children, but also look beautiful, bright and cheerful. We came together as a team of designers, innovators, and technology gurus, and we are constantly trying new combinations. Our apps will not only make your children happy, but help teach and enforce the many educational wonders that unfold during the fun years of childhood.

We are hard at work, so keep checking back for new apps!

Our Team

Darren Turetzky
Darren is a computer engineer who also happens to be a father, finish carpenter, salesman, general contractor, husband and iPhone developer who enjoys authentic neapolitan pizza, cycling, photography, gadgets and hiking with his wife and daughter. Darren is our amazing technology guru. Darren on Twitter.


Alma Loveland
Alma Loveland is co-founder of Ollibird, a company that produces digital artwork. She literally wrote the book (or at least A book) on using Adobe Illustrator and teaches Illustrator-based online classes at nicolesclasses.com. Alma’s designs have been produced in women’s fashion, stationery, and online media. Among her greatest accomplishments is actually achieving the almost-mythical life-work balance, although she can’t claim that her house is always tidy. Alma on Twitter.

Melanie Burk
 Melanie is designer and founder of Fifth and Hazel, a company that produces websites, branding, catalogues, advertising, and surface design. Melanie loves the outdoors, surfing, March Madness, opera, white hangers, hiking, traveling, Brazil, her husband, typefaces, foreign movies, summer, her daughter Maggie, alternative bands, Africa, and of course design (not in this order). Melanie on Twitter.


Angie Anderson
Angie is the founder of Biggest Little based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. When not designing for Shabby Apple, The French Culinary Institute, Starwood Hotels, and Moleskine, she can be found playing board games with her young, attractive husband, speaking about independent career development, and scouring New York City for the perfect veggie burger. Angie on Twitter.